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Hearing Aids in the Modern Age

Over the years, hearing aids have gone through countless developments – from the ancient “ear trumpet” to the advanced in-the-ear devices of today. The advancement in technology has introduced many new styles and options of hearing aids, which can feel overwhelming to select from.


Not to worry, Patriot Audiology Services takes pride in guiding you through your every step of the hearing aid selection process. With the invention of digital hearing aids, it isn’t surprising that they’re the top selling hearing aids on the market. They prioritize the quality of sound, which make them an ideal choice for most of our patients.


We understand that everyone’s lifestyle and hearing needs are unique, and that’s why personal consultation with our experts is the best and easiest way to make the decision. Our local hearing professionals can provide detailed information to help you pick and decide which hearing aid will best suit your preferences and needs.


It is highly recommended that individuals with hearing concerns explore the wealth of knowledge provided by Patriot Audiology Services, to ensure they make the right choice and can benefit from a smoother and more comfortable hearing experience.

Your journey to better hearing health is just a phone call away.

Digital Hearing Aid Features

  • Dual microphones are a highly sought-after feature in modern hearing aids. They are designed to enhance the sound quality in noisy environments, making it easier to hear conversations. In addition, they can also reduce certain unwanted noises, further improving the overall listening experience.


  • Wearing hearing aids that keep your ear canal unobstructed can help avoid that uncomfortable “down a well” effect. Moreover, these aids incorporate feedback cancellation technology to elude that dreadful screech before it even reaches your ear.


  • Whether you’re talking on the phone or dealing with external disturbances like the wind or crowd noise, hands-free technology is equipped with automatic adjustments to meet your needs. This is made possible through computer programming that takes into account the specifics of your hearing loss, allowing your hearing aids to meet the requirements unique to each user.


  • The wireless technology in hearing aids has brought a revolution to the field. With the use of hearing aids, you can enjoy watching television, talking on your cell or home phone, and listening to the radio with more clarity and ease than ever before.
remote pointed at television

Wireless Benefits

Wireless hearing aids can be paired with smartphones, allowing for direct streaming of sound from a variety of sources. Rather than straining to hear sound from across the room or contending with distracting background noise, individuals can now enjoy direct streaming of high-quality sound from their televisions or other electronic devices.

One common scenario that wireless hearing aids can improve is watching television in a busy home environment. Rather than struggling to follow the show over the sound of children, pets, or neighbors, hearing aids can filter out extraneous noise and hone in on the sounds you want to hear. Picture relaxing in your favorite chair while immersing yourself in the sounds of your favorite show, free from distraction.

At Patriot Audiology Services, we understand that hearing loss is a unique experience for each individual. Thats why we offer personalized fitting and programming for each patient to ensure optimal hearing and improved quality of life. With wireless hearing aids, you can once again focus on the sounds you love and get back to enjoying your life to the fullest.